Dealing with a photo camera, determining the right settings before taking a photo, the right white balance, mood, light, composition - all factors that can have a significant effect on your photo. It involves many different settings that you must keep an eye on to take a good photo. And that is difficult, especially if everything comes to you at the same time.

The workshops are a good way to get to know these institutions step by step. Of course a lot of practice is very important because you will find that you are getting better at it.

If you would like to follow a workshop, which you can build on in the future, then I can heartily recommend one of my workshops. Choose a workshop below for more information.


  • Patrick Kipp

    In 2020 I started shooting. First for fun, now it has become a real hobby that I want to do more with. At the time, I had no idea how important post-processing is for a good photo.

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  • Antoine van de Laar

    I followed a Photoshop workshop from Kees and can recommend it to everyone. Kees showed me a worklow step by step in Photoshop and the TK panel.

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  • Richard Nell

    A few weeks ago I went to Kees with a photo buddy. Not to learn a more about photography, but to learn a little more about editing photos in photoshop.

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  • Mariola Goossens

    I had been reading the theory behind a good photo for some time now, but my camera's 180-page manual prevented me from putting the theory into practice.

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  • Harm van Dieren

    I have some experience with photography. I shoot with the Sony A7III and can take good pictures with it. I've been doing that for many years, but editing photos was always a thing.

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  • Mario Elbers

    It is easy to buy a book or online course about photography, but it is not very motivating and it is sometimes difficult to learn something in this way.

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  • Yvonne Scheepers

    For years I photographed on automatic mode. I had invested in a good camera but I couldn't get out of the auto mode.

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