Workshop Photoshop Landscapes

Workshop - Photoshop

Editing landscapes for Starters

1 - 2 persons

You have taken a picture of a beautiful landscape, but your picture is not entirely visible. That in itself is not strange as the best camera of the moment when displaying your photo does not come close to what the human eye can see. We can see details in highlights and at the same time also details in shadows. And it is still difficult to achieve that with one photo.

But when you master a number of skills with Photoshop, you can completely adjust your photo to your hand and approach or even add to reality.

And you will learn that in this workshop.

What you will learn:

  • A digital workflow so that you know exactly in which steps you need to edit a photo.
  • Adjusting light with layers and masks
  • Adjust color with layers and masks
  • Push through and stop with layers and masks
  • Adjust highlights, midtones and shadows with layers and masks
  • Use filtering techniques and vignettes
  • Sharpen the photo
  • Export to the correct format
  • 100% personal attention

€ 195,- incl VAT (per person)
Second person € 140,- incl. VAT

4 hours

Groep size
1 -2 persons


  • Beginner, amateur, enthusiastic and semi-professional photographers.


  • Laptop
  • Lightroom CC, Capture One or other rawconverter
  • Photoshop CS6+ or Photoshop CC+
  • NIK Collection (not required)

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Mariola Goossens

I had been reading the theory behind a good photo for some time now, but my camera's 180-page manual prevented me from putting the theory into practice. 

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Harm van Dieren

I have some experience with photography. I shoot with the Sony A7III and can take good pictures with it. I've been doing that for many years, but editing photos was always a thing.

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Mario Elbers

It is easy to buy a book or online course about photography, but it is not very motivating and it is sometimes difficult to learn something in this way. 

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Yvonne Scheepers

For years I photographed on automatic mode. I had invested in a good camera but I couldn't get out of the auto mode.

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