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Sunset over the Starven

On this overcast Sunday, January 13, '19, I am reading about photography and I am also looking for a new backpack for my cameras and lenses.

But this bag really has to be fully equipped and offers enough storage space because it is not the first to buy;). But after some time searching I get distracted and it starts to itch again, I have to start with a photo.

The weather is so bad that I don't feel like going out with my camera. So I shoot to my computer to edit a photo that is still in the "to do" folder. Every time I go to take pictures I hope to take some good pictures that will save it from being published. But unfortunately that does not always work. Sometimes there are two or three really good ones. The composition, light, color, etc. are of such quality that they end up in the folder "to do". And if it is a drizzly afternoon or evening like today, I always have something fun to do: edit a photo and publish it.


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