Shoot Strabrechtse Heide

Shoot Strabrechtse Heide
By Kees van Dongen , Friday, 11 January 2019
Coming home from the shoot I see that I have photographed a beautiful sky with sun and clouds. The foreground is very dark, but I had taken that into account.
In the situation that you shoot against the light, you have to take into account that your photo is either underexposed (because your camera adjusts the exposure to the sky in this case) or is overexposed (the camara has then measured the exposure in the foreground ). In either case, the photo wouldn't be interesting in my opinion. Had I been satisfied with the middle ground, the sky would have turned out too light and the foreground too dark, so that the photo would not really come out of the paint.

For that reason I use bracketing in such a situation. This means that you take three photos (with a tripod because they have to fit exactly over each other), one underexposed photo, one overexposed photo and one photo whose light measurement is average or optimal according to the camera. I blend these three photos into one photo, as it were. I do this completely manually because software can never do this perfectly.

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  • Kees van Dongen

    Kees van Dongen

    Kees van Dongen is a landscape photographer based in Helmond in the Netherlands.
    He is involved in forest photography and gives workshops about photography and post-processing for photo editing.

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