Road trip through Canada

Road trip through Canada
By Kees van Dongen , Monday, 05 August 2019
Just got back from the trip through Western Canada. What a beautiful, photogenic country. Walked and climbed a lot and of course took many photos.
And then you come home with 6000 photos. That will be a job to sort out and to watch them. But that should not spoil the fun. In the coming weeks I will report as much as possible on this website of the trip I have made and show some images of it.

Leave A Light On Canada  KVD2837 31 07 19 1200
Peyto Lake Canada  KVD9830 20 07 19 1200
Canada  KVD0749 22 07 19 1 Kopieren Kopieren
The Fifth Lake Canada  KVD0269 21 07 19 1200
Mountain Greenery Canada  KVD8787 20 07 19 1200 3
Lake Moraine Canada  KVD9128 20 07 19 1200
The Real Life Canada  KVD2760 31 07 19 1200

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  • Kees van Dongen

    Kees van Dongen

    Kees van Dongen is a landscape photographer based in Helmond in the Netherlands.
    He is involved in forest photography and gives workshops about photography and post-processing for photo editing.

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