Photos published in Zoom Magazine

Photos published in Zoom Magazine
By Kees van Dongen , Thursday, 06 June 2019
That's a nice surprise. For several months I stopped posting photos on Facebook and started posting photos on is the digital platform of Zoom Magazine. I regularly buy Zoom Magazine to regain inspiration. For several weeks I have been asked if I would like to have six photos placed in the magazine and have them assessed by a Pro with constructive criticism.

Of course I want to participate in that. It would be nice to hear criticism from a pro. In the meantime, the photos have been selected (and then it becomes difficult which photos are good enough) and sent. I've also already received the pro's feedback and totally agree with her comments. Meanwhile I am becoming more and more critical and I especially want to do Photoshop work better and more accurately. That is also a disadvantage if you learn to take better photos because your previous photos are no longer good enough;). At least, that is the case for me. Actually I am not easily satisfied; (

Yesterday I received notice that the article will be placed in Zoom no. 8 (August 19). Of course I am very curious.

Everybody Loves The Sunshine Heeze 18 6 19 5899 1200 1
The Colour Of Spring Heeze 18 6 19 5911 1200 3
In A Lifetime Nederweert 1 6 19 3674 1200 1
Now We Are Free Garderen 1 5 19 4269 1200 1 1

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  • Kees van Dongen

    Kees van Dongen

    Kees van Dongen is a landscape photographer based in Helmond in the Netherlands.
    He is involved in forest photography and gives workshops about photography and post-processing for photo editing.

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