Not winter yet!

Not winter yet!
By Kees van Dongen , Saturday, 18 January 2020
It is still not winter in the Netherlands. In fact, we are breaking heat records. A few days ago it was 13 degrees and sunny, it felt like the beginning spring.
Yes, you have to do something if you want to publish winter photos, so we will start with photos from last year. Then we had some snow and a few frost days. With the low sun exposure, the Strabrechtse heather in Lierop was very beautiful.

Here are some plates from last year.

Cold As Ice
Pure Morning

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  • Kees van Dongen

    Kees van Dongen

    Kees van Dongen is a landscape photographer based in Helmond in the Netherlands.
    He is involved in forest photography and gives workshops about photography and post-processing for photo editing.

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