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Mist gives a dreamy atmosphere

Soft layers on top of each other

Finally we had another long foggy period. Annoying for traffic, but for the nature photographer one of the best weather conditions you could wish for.

But not exactly the easiest. I learned that you have to be well prepared to be able to photograph the fog. Fog can arise quickly, but it can also disappear very quickly. That's why I always make sure that my camera bag is ready, the batteries are charged (so always charge after you come back), bringing my tripod (fog comes usually in the morning and the light is still weak then) because you need longer shutter speeds. Fortunately, there is almost always no wind during fog, so you can easily use slower shutter speeds. And above all, know where you are going. I've made a lot of mistakes in the morning as soon as I see fog,  I started thinking about a location. That takes a lot of time and I arrived too late many times, the fog was almost gone. Now I have a note in my phone with some locations I want to visit when it's foggy.
And then I hope it lasts a bit. Today I was lucky, the fog lasted for four hours. So it was a nice catch  this time :)

I also use an app that predicts fog. It does that quite nicely. You can find more information about it here, for Android and iPhone:


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The advantage with fog is that it is usually windless. This allows you to use a low ISO and possibly. use a slow shutter speed. Especially if you have a tripod with you, which is a must for me in the woods anyway.

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