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Last autumn days 2020

Photographing in a busy forest

Now that we are in the middle of the pandemic, we see that there are almost no other options than to visit nature when we want to go out. You can see that in the woods now, it is very busy.

Whether you go out into nature during the week or at the weekend, it is very busy in the woods. And then it becomes a bit more difficult to photograph there. I prefer to see only nature and no people in my photos, but I also like to be alone in the woods because of the tranquility. Walking people also want to have a chat, which in itself is very kind, but I actually don't have time because the light changes constantly and you sometimes have to act quickly. On the other hand, it also offers opportunities to notify passers-by that the photos are also for sale and to give them my business card;)

But with some patience and always looking for a place where not everyone gathers, it still works out well. What I often do is walk straight through a forest and by that I do not mean following paths but really trekking through untouched nature. Officially you have to stay on the paths in the Netherlands but I don't break anything and I am always careful. In any case, you will not meet anyone and you will come across beautiful places where no one else has taken a photo.

Below you will find some examples that were all taken in the woods near De Rips in Noord Brabant last month. It is a very versatile and large, beautiful forest!
Have fun!


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