Evening and morning shoot in the Vijlenerbos

Beautiful Vijlenerbos in the early light (The Netherlands)

Evening and morning shoot in the Vijlenerbos
By Kees van Dongen , Saturday, 31 August 2019
On Friday, August 30, I left in time to do a photo shoot in the Vijlenerbos near Vijlen in South Limburg. The plan was to photograph the beautiful forest in evening and morning light.
Because driving up and down is just a bit too much for me, I decided to spend the night in a place near the forest. In the late afternoon sun, which is still too harsh, I decided to explore to get back there later in the evening. So I found some beautiful places (Rugweg and Epenerbaan). Back to Files to have a nice meal at "the Cuban". And then around 6.30 pm to the locations. A nice shoot done in that beautiful light. On the way back to Schin op Geul where I spend the night at a small hotel with very nice owners, the sky turned red / purple. On the Rijksweg near Abbey Sint-Benedictusberg I can take a nice photo of a hill with some trees in the sunset sky. A view that I observe every time I come back from a walk in South Limburg. Still enjoying a beer from the house, I go to sleep, already quite satisfied with the catch.

Then at 5:00 am to be back in the forest on time. On the Rijksweg I see beautiful fog banks on the fields. I can also record that. Once in the forest on the Epenerbaan I am completely happy. The beautiful light, nobody at all in the forest except for a single early walker with dog and a runner, I take a whole series of photos of beautiful trails in beautiful light. I see a fox, a deer, it's all there. Then suddenly it is already 9:00 am and I notice that the light is getting too hard. With a wonderful, tedious feeling I drive home again to take a look at what I have caught :)

Some shots of this shoot. As you can see I have added a bit of autumn atmosphere to some photos.

Yellow Mellow Vijlen  KVD5281 31 08 19 1200
Welcome To The Pleasure Dome Vijlen  KVD5414 31 08 19 1200 3
Cant Get Out Of This Mood Vijlen  KVD4831 30 08 19 1200
Whats Your Fantasy Vijlen  KVD5266 31 08 19 1200 3
Leave A Light On Canada  KVD2837 31 07 19 1200
The Narrow Way Vijlen  KVD5351 31 08 19 1200
Rijks Weg Mist Vijlen  KVD5014 31 08 19 Kopieren
Free Your Mind Vijlen  KVD4896 30 08 19 1200
Rijksweg Rotonde Vijlen  KVD4989 31 08 19 1200
Free Your Mind Vijlen  KVD4896 30 08 19 1200
Among The Giants Vijlen  KVD5362 31 08 19 1200 2

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    Kees van Dongen

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